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Super cool Turkish projection mapping

So I thought the documentary format would be like fish in a barrel but as with the case of the real barrel of fish afterawhile it could become cramped, chaotic and stinky. Fortunately if in the end your documentary is turning out to be as messy as real life, you can always wrap it up with a series of random shots which when put together with a generic voiceover suggest a profound meta-connection.
Abed, Community S02E16 - Intermediate Documentary Filming (via voxspecto)
Nick Broomfield and Kim Longinotto

Nick Broomfield and Kim Longinotto

Muzzled Mongrels

It has come to my attention that the re-imagining of Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs as small furry entities and children’s interests is a stupidly common comparison tool used by journalists, bloggers and tweeters alike.

I bought two films this week, both front covers of which have references to the film as their only review. Man Bites Dog “makes Reservoir Dogs look like muzzled mongrels” - The Guardian. Similarly, in Takeshi Kitano’s Brother, “there is enough gore to make Reservoir Dogs look like chihuahuas” - also by The Guardian. 

Exploring this coincidence on the world wide web proves the dying imagination of the human race:

Gridoon writes that Ichi The Killer's violence “makes Reservoir Dogs look like Snow White”. Elsewhere, it "makes Reservoir Dogs look like a CBBC special".

TubridyTweets tweets that Kickass “makes Reservoir Dogs look like The Little Mermaid”

The Independent thinks that Bank Holiday DIY leads to the use of industrial language that "makes Reservoir Dogs look like Lassie". Also noteworthy is The Independent’s take on the Premier League "which, as we all know, makes Reservoir Dogs look like Crystal Tipps & Alastair." Sure, we all know that.

The story of Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus is so killerific that it "makes Reservoir Dogs look like The Teletubbies"

Whose Line is it Anyway apparently "makes Reservoir Dogs look like 101 Dalmations"

Kill Bill 2 "makes Reservoir Dogs look like Hello Kitty"

Bri and Rob G’s Couriers 02: Dirtbike Manifesto "makes Reservoir Dogs look like a trip to Six Flags"

Bitch Slap "makes Reservoir Dogs look like it was written by a homosexual four year old"

Once I get around to watching Man Bites Dog and Brother, I’m sure they will make Reservoir Dogs look like a 1992 American crime film directed by Tarantino.